The Move

It’s ten to four, 24th September, Tubular Bells awakens me from my steady slumber. I snooze. Ten minutes later the piano creeps into my conscious once more, invading a dream world with eerie. Another snooze. It’s now ten past five and Mike Oldfield is probably getting pretty fed up of playing the same thing over and over again, but nevertheless he tries his best to disturb my restful state. This time I concede defeat to the darkness of the morning and I reluctantly rise from my pit for the final time. Sleepily stumbling to the shower it begins to dawn on me that this is my last morning in Liverpool and suddenly everything I do has some extra novel and nostalgic value. Much like every New Years Eve, when the clock passes twelve my dad insists on making poor jokes that go something like: “I haven’t brushed my teeth since last year” or “This is the first time I’ve spoken since last year”. All of the punchlines are as equally predictable as they are tedious yet still we laugh just to humour the man. I went about my business that morning in a similar state of mind. “This is the last time I will brush my teeth in Liverpool for ages” I thought, considering the vast difference between brushing your teeth in Liverpool and brushing your teeth in the foreign and unfamiliar territory that is Cardiff.

It turns out, the experience is more or less identical.

In case you were unaware, this weekend I packed my life into bags and moved from Liverpool to go to university at Cardiff. It was an odd experience. I’ve grown up in the same house since I was about one year old, I’ve also had exactly the same bedroom since that time. Those walls have silently watched me grow up and they’ve grown up with me. They said nothing as I adorned them with posters and pictures, providing a snapshot of my life at that time, only to tear them down and replace them as I aged. Packing everything away made me realise just how unusual it’s going to be actually living somewhere else. No longer belonging in Seaforth, instead the streets of Cardiff are mine to wander. No longer will I know all the short cuts through town, all the little places and things I love about Liverpool will be suddenly no longer physical. In an instant they’d be transformed and lost in the world of the metaphysical. Existing as mere memories of things rather than experiences of things. It really is daunting.

Regardless of all my worries though, my anxieties and my expectations this is a new phase of my life stretching out in front of me, inviting me and daring me to finally stamp my individuality on my existence in a way that I have never had the opportunity to do before. As scary as it is, it’s twice as exciting. Luckily I’ve been blessed with a nice flat and some fantastic flatmates to accompany me as I watch this first year of university flash right past me.

Leaving Liverpool was sad. Leaving my friends and family was emotional. I had a last supper with two of my best friends Paddy and Michelle on Thursday. An all you can eat chinese, with refillable drinks that ended in hugs, repressed tears and lumps in throats on a Merseyrail train. I’ll certainly miss the city I grew up in and grew up loving but we all must move on. I’m determined to make something of myself, that ambition starts here.

This is the beginning of the rest of my life. What an unusual situation to be in.



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