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In the days leading up to this post, I’ve been racking my brain for something to write about. After all, this is my ‘official’ virginal post and I was desperate for it to be a beauty. I wanted this to set the tone for the Lighthearted Mondays posts that would follow. I wanted to blow minds, change lives, start a revolution and achieve a great number of other incredibly unrealistic and grandiose things. That was the plan. Now, I’m not saying that this blog definitely won’t do all of those things, but it’s likely that the following paragraphs are going to inspire a generation to rise up from their computer chairs of oppression and conformity to overthrow a corrupt, immoral and, some would argue, illegitimate government.

This all seems a bit self-deprecating so far, but there is good reason for it to be. I’ve spent the past two or three days considering suitable topics and nothing has sprung out to me as something that I definitely need to write about. I’ve certainly had some ideas but none really stood out to me as the thing I needed to be blogging about. I thought about writing about the nostalgia I’ve been experiencing as I shifted all of my old pictures, documents and music off my broke onto my shiny new MacBook. However this was a none-starter; mainly due to the fact that I didn’t really experience a warm fuzzy feeling as I reminisced about ‘the good old days’ whilst clicking through the endless thumbnails of photographs I’ve seen a million times before. The reason for this, I’m assuming, is that it’s hard to get nostalgic about something that happened so recently. My laptop broke in April so it’s only been a matter of months since I’ve looked at those photographs, a large number of which were taken in the past year or two. So talking about memories seemed rather pointless. I considered talking about rediscovering a multitude of fantastic songs, that I’d forgotten existed, from when I was younger. The truth here is that I spent most of yesterday deleting music I’d transferred over to my Mac. Looking through my iTunes I was filled with an immense sense of horror as I scrolled past artists I’ve ridiculed as my ears have matured. I also stumbled upon things that actually made me want to be sick in my own mouth at the thought of them, at one time, having a hallowed place on my iPod (to my shame, there was not one, but two High School Musical soundtracks). So once more, I didn’t want to talk about this as I pride myself on having what I consider a pretty good taste in music as a result of a blog about my ex-iTunes libraries, such confessions would be critical to my reputation.

After much thought about what to blog about, I started thinking about the concept of blogging itself. Blogging is something that can either be considered an excellent addition to our lives or a continuing reason to lose faith in humanity. It’s a true voice of the people, anybody can write anything and that’s why it is so beautiful. People’s opinions are free to be expressed, shared and considered without any real sanction. It’s the epitome of social liberty in a sense, however this seemingly fantastic side to the harmless blog is also it’s downfall. Blogging is a true ‘swings and roundabouts’ situation. Firstly, it shows just how egotistical people are, I realise the incredible irony of pointing this out in a blog but I am the (extremely) proud owner of one of the most unjustifiably large egos known to man so it’s okay. As long as you are aware of your downfalls (though personally I see my massive head as a fantastic thing, but I would) you can embrace them and then completely gloss over them. So, blogging is an incredibly egotistic act. Basically, what you’re saying is: “I am that interesting that I have to write down 90% of my thoughts, publish them and then expect people to not only read them but to comment on them and share them with all their friends”. The other problem with blogging, other than showing just how many people have an incredibly high opinion of themselves, is that people’s opinions are free to be expressed, shared and considered without any real sanction. As I previously stated, what makes blogs beautiful also makes them hideous. Anybody can post anything, regardless of quality. As a result often blogs share with us internet users a dark and harrowing insight into not only the more sinister, spiteful and cruel side of humanity but also the incredible failure of our modern education systems. There are lots of blogs on the internet that express opinions and views that seem to have been plucked straight from the middle ages. They’re full of prejudice, racism, hate, anger, scare-mongering and overwhelmingly bleak outlooks on existence. However, what’s scarier (and perhaps more personally offensive) than this is the amount of bloggers who seem to have a painfully slender grasp on the English language. Hateful views I can deal with, but somebody who feels the need to express their views and opinions via blogging yet still can’t understand the difference between “Their” and “There” are unbearable.

So this is it, my first official blog has seamlessly morphed from a discussion about the concept of blogging into a pretentious grammar-fest. I can almost feel the revolution brewing. I’m sure the criticisms I’ve aimed at blogs and bloggers alike will be turned back on me at some point in the future but for now let’s just focus on starting this revolution lark. I realise that this is an enormous cop-out and I feel like I’ve cheated a bit with this blog about a blog (a meta-blog if you will) but sadly it’s the only real topic I could think of that had any legs. If I’m totally honest, I would have preferred to save this blog for a time, maybe a few weeks or months down the line, when I’m desperate for something to talk about and I could have pulled this out the bag. Unfortunately I’ve used my only lifeline for my very first post and I’m not sure if it’s you reading this or me writing it who feels more disappointed! Hopefully the next week will inspire me to write the most incredible blog you’ve ever read. We’ll see.



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Wednesday’s review will be of the new album from The Kooks, “Junk Of The Heart”.

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  1. Please tell me that youre going to keep this up! Its so great and so important. I cant wait to read far more from you. I just feel like you know so substantially and know how to make people listen to what youve got to say. This weblog is just also cool to be missed. Excellent stuff, really. Please, PLEASE keep it up!

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