So, here are my thoughts.

I’ve been thinking today about this blog and I decided that, if this is ever going to work it needs to have some sort of structure. A regular pattern that the blog follows so when I get some more people reading it (I suppose that should be ‘if’ but hey, I’m feeling optimistic) there is a general layout that people understand.

So, here are my thoughts.

Every Monday I will post a generic blog post. The topics that they cover are likely to be varied and chances are they will shoot off at will to random and bizarre tangents. I’m going to use this as a basis for writing about things that are on my mind. Not necessarily in a deep and philosophical way but just in a day-to-day kind of “You know what’s really peculiar” or a “The funniest thing happened the other day” kind of way. I’ll try and keep these as light-hearted and easy to read as possible, I promise. Which is why I’ve opted for the rather ridiculous title of Lighthearted Mondays. Chances are in a few weeks I’ll have come up with a more fitting title for such a blog, but for now the “what you see is what you get” nature of Lighthearted Mondays will do just fine.

Wednesdays, I have decided, will be Review Wednesdays. Here I’ll write a short review on something I’ve been reading, watching or listening to in that week. I’ll keep these as brief and as spoiler-free as possible but also informative and entertaining. When I’m reading an article or a review or a blog I always like to be entertained, even if it’s not in a “hahaha” kind of way, but I like to actually enjoy what it is I’m reading; so that reading it is a pleasure and not a chore, I will try my best to keep my own posts like this.

Finally, I will do a third blog post on a Friday that I’m cleverly dubbing Thoughtful Fridays. Here I’ll write a more personal reflection kind of blog based on things I’ve been thinking about that week. In this case I do mean a sort of deep and philosophical ‘thinking about’, as opposed to the other kinds I told you about earlier. With this blog I hope to share some of my thoughts and feelings about certain issues with other people. Chances are that the big hitters in this department will be philosophy, my studies and my faith. Again, I’ll try my best to keep them accessible and readable as well as enjoyable.

So there it is, my rather rigid plan for my blog. I’m going to try and keep myself tied down to this routine for as long as possible. Firstly it’ll cause my blog to fill up a bit quicker so there’ll be a greater amount of posts for people to read and to look over. Secondly it’ll help me focus my mind and my ideas when I have a self-imposed deadline looming. Thirdly, it’ll cause me to always be mindful of my blog; especially in these embryonic stages where it would be fairly easy to forget about it or leave it for a couple of weeks without updating anything. Finally, I’m hoping it’ll sharpen my mind so I will always be wary of possible topics to write on.

I hope that all of you reading will keep coming back and checking out what I have to say. You should subscribe to me, or follow me, I’m not sure what term they use on this WordPress lark. Thanks for reading.



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