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My apologies

Having moved to uni at the weekend, this week has been mad busy. With all the freshers stuff and then the enrolment and induction meetings and stuff I just have not had the time to listen to, watch or read anything. So unfortunately there’ll be no review this week. When things calm down and everything … Continue reading

The Move

It’s ten to four, 24th September, Tubular Bells awakens me from my steady slumber. I snooze. Ten minutes later the piano creeps into my conscious once more, invading a dream world with eerie. Another snooze. It’s now ten past five and Mike Oldfield is probably getting pretty fed up of playing the same thing over … Continue reading

Stranger Danger.

In the dark ages, there was an overwhelming sense of confusion that manifested itself in human’s day to day lives. It shone through their speech and their preconceptions of themselves and those around them. If something came up in conversation that they were unaware of they had to stay unaware; they had no means of … Continue reading

Distraction Pieces – Scroobius Pip

If you have an awareness of Scroobius Pip, chances are you’re used to seeing his name tagged onto the end of the duo Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip. Most people will know him for the song Thou Shalt Always Kill, but there is a lot more to Scroobius Pip than this three and a … Continue reading

Short back and snide.

In no more than five days I shall have moved on to a whole new phase of my life. One chapter will have ended and another just beginning, I am so excited it’s painful (and probably slightly embarrassing). Moving to university is stirring up all sorts of emotions within me, nostalgia for the days of … Continue reading

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